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ImaStar CSP(CT Single-Head Injector)

Auto Detect Function

Automatic plunger push and pull when snapping syringe on

Color touch screens

Intuitive user interface, clear and concise information display to ensure user operation confidence.

Waterproof Design

Waterproof injector head design to minimize damage from contrast/saline leakage and ensures the safety of clinic operation

Bluetooth communication

Safe Operation

Expelling and arming are independent, Double confirmation ensures the safety of injection.

Injection can be paused and resumed at any time during the injection.

Injection stops when pressure limit is reached. Alerts with both light and sond.

Heat Maintainers

Warms contrast and saline to maintain at ideal temperature, which reducing patient’s adverse effect.

Real-time Pressure Curve

Display real-time pressure curve, monitor the pressure changes, lower risk of patients.

Connect to other Imaging Equipment

Connect with other imaging equipment for enhanced imaging, use contrast more efficiently and minimize radiation.

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